Over the past year, I have worked hard to get my physical ability to as close to normal as possible. But I am far from the physical activities that I did several times a week, such as running. Because of this, I needed to be “absent” over the last several months as all the training has been going on for both the 5k and the marathon. Even though I’ve removed myself from knowing, all running in my honor have been in my thoughts, even more so as we enter this weekend. I cannot thank them all enough for making it their mission with these 2 races to help me out and additionally I hope it helps them all heal in their own way.

It is with a very heartfelt thank you to all and wish them all the best of luck tomorrow Jenna Dziedzic, Marisa Agapito Gianino, Carla Ascione, Alissa Passacantilli Tizzano, Alissa Ward, Tracey Milligan Jane Chantal, Jackie Loehr Carroll, Lindsay Small, Deirdre Fleming Shea, Lisa LaVerne Zanetti, Carolyn Hayes, Kathleen Jones, Dawn Pomeroy, Patty Taylor O’Neill, Nikki Innocent, Rene, Kaitlyn, Shane, Erica, Justin, and Brian!

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