Tonight I had the pleasure of addressing the 2014 Graduating Class of Dracut High School.  It was such an honor to present the commencement speech as I grew up in Dracut and have many fond memories of my childhood there.  Additionally there were several high school friends of mine from years gone by that had children graduating tonight.  Knowing that they were there in the crowd gave me the courage to stand at the podium and not only tell my story but hopefully inspire all.  It’s important that although they may be looking out into the future, it can be the here and now that is equally important.  Taking the moment in and understanding what is going on around them can be just as beneficial or educational as what is down the road. Staying focused and positive will help achieve the goals they strive for and true friendships will remain no matter how distant they may become.  Congratulations Class of 2014!  Best of luck in you future endeavors!







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