This Year’s Best New Books for Runners

From memoir to fiction, health to hope, 2017 gave us some great reads about running. (3rd Book)

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2017 Pictures of the Year

But this particular assignment featured a more heart-wrenching subject. Roseann Sdoia was not the typical bride. A Boston Marathon bombing survivor who lost her leg in the tragedy, Roseann found love with firefighter Mike Materia, who was one of the first responders to tend to her on that fateful day… (4th photo)

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RHA Conference Keynote By Marathon Bombing Survivor

On April 15, 2013 Roseann Sdoia’s life changed forever. That was the day of the Marathon bombing, when the second of two IED explosions shattered her right leg, which was later amputated. The road to recovery has been long and arduous…


How to Power Forward Through Adversity | An Interview with Roseann Sdoia

Join Stacey Alcorn as she interviews upcoming author and Boston Marathon survivor, Roseann Sdoia. In this episode, Roseann tells her harrowing and uplifting tale of how she overcame adversity and continue to power forward through life.

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Marathon bombing survivor Sdoia makes return to running

An already encouraging recovery by Roseann Sdoia continued Sunday as the Boston Marathon bombing survivor made a return to running.

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Civilians, Survivors Give Back on 9/11

Millions of people across the country took time to volunteer or donate on Thursday, the 13th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

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Marathon Bombing Survivor Runs To Raise Money For Amputees

Running represents a freedom for marathon bombing survivor Roseann Sdoia that she hasn’t known since she lost her leg in the attack.

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Blown Together

On April 15, 2013, four random souls found one another in the smoke and blood on Boylston Street. One was gravely injured. But they all needed something.

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Remembering Heroism: A Look Back at Boston Marathon Bomber’s Capture

In the Fox News Reporting special, “Terror Strikes Boston, Boston Strikes Back,” get first-hand accounts of eye-witnesses, first responders, medical teams and Boston police.

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Survivors Credit Spaulding With Recovery

Roseann Sdoia can be a tough critic, she’s in building management and development, but from the moment she was wheeled into Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, she knew the place was different.

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“Losing Part of My Leg Doesn’t Change Who I Am”

Roseann Sdoia, 45, lost her leg in last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. On March 13, 2014, she told her inspiring story to Cristina Goyanes for Here is her moving account of survival, recovery, and unrelenting strength.

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Bittersweet Marathon Anniversary: Lost A Leg, Gained Cherished Friends

On the evening before the one-year anniversary of the day that changed their lives, Roseann Sdoia and Heather Abbott met up for dinner. The two women had been acquainted before shrapnel shredded the lower part of Abbott’s left leg and most of Sdoia’s right leg.

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Rough Road: Boston Amputee Says Healing Isn’t Over

It’s been hard, difficult on a daily basis, tougher than most people imagine it might be, said the 46-year-old Boston woman, who was waiting for two friends who were running the race when the backpack carrying the second explosive detonated at her feet.

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Marathon bombing survivor Roseann Sdoia has film in works

Roseann Sdoia’s story begins on Patriots Day 2013 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. She lives in Boston’s North End and loves to run. She’s not a marathoner, but was in Copley Square on that horrific Monday afternoon because she had some friends running in the race.

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4 friends injured at marathon rally around victim who lost leg

Their enthusiasm for life is contagious. It is nothing short of remarkable. They are so upbeat when you consider what they’ve been through this past year. Or maybe that’s why they’re this way, because they are just appreciative to be alive.

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Roseann Sdoia says nothing comes quickly in long recovery

Roseann Sdoia, 45, of Dracut, was severely injured in the second bomb blast at the finish line. She lost a leg and was burned in the explosion. And her life was saved by a stranger who came to her rescue.

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Boston Marathon bombing survivor reunites with man who saved her

A Boston Marathon bombing victim was finally able to reunite with the Northeastern University student who helped save her life.

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